Starting a malthouse is easy, it's running a malthouse that's hard.

The craft malt industry is maturing. Led initially by pioneering visionaries with limited budget and endless passion, the industry is now witnessing new waves of well-financed operations that have proven business cases to follow. What remains the same between these two periods is a lack of practical malting knowledge from experienced staff willing to share their expertise.

As an industry that has operated behind the scenes for many decades there are few well-known resources available for on-site consultation. As a pioneer of the modern craft malt movement Brandon Ade (Founder and Managing Partner) also understands how closely guarded most malting knowledge is held. In response, he has quietly consulted for small and large operations alike since 2015. Building on his openness and willingness to share throughout the years, he now offers his skill set, experience, and time to those in need of professional (but mostly practical) malting services.

Focused primarily on production troubleshooting, equipment selection and start-up, and real-world malthouse challenges, he provides a variety of in-house (travel to us) and on-site (travel to you) services for both start-ups and established operations.

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Brandon designed and built his 2.4T S+GK unit and first malthouse from the ground up in 2013 and followed it with a second floor malting facility in 2017. Having been directly involved in day-to-day production management since 2013, he has acquired a vast skill set when it comes to making a malthouse work.
With real world experience in both pneumatic forced air "bin malting" and traditional floor malting, Brandon has unique experience in overcoming numerous challenges with both systems and has demonstrated pragmatic solutions. Relying heavily on his engineering background, Brandon prefers to demystify malthouse challenges with data driven decision making.

List of Services

Barley Selection Analysis
Malt Recipe Development
Floorplan and Production Flow Layout
Equipment Selection and Layout
Equipment Programming and Controls
Malt/Grain Storage and Management
First Batch Production Start-up
Batch Scheduling (Steep, Germ, Kiln)
Pest Control Practices

Pneumatic Systems Operation and Troubleshooting
Floor Malting Techniques, Tools, and Practices
In-house Floor Malt Training
Process Adjustments Based on Finished Malt Analysis
Staff and Equipment Operator Training
Production Throughput Estimates
Production Staff Responsibilities
Quality and Safety Audits
Facility Maintenance and Sanitation