Due to the current COVID-19 impact on the industry and safety concerns we have suspended all direct sales to the public indefinitely and are only supplying existing commercial accounts.

how to order

Our community malthouse offers the first truly local malted grains for the brewing, distilling, and baking industries in Texas. If you want to capture the unique flavor of Texas you have to start with true Texas malt!

Let us be your local expert for custom craft malts and provide a level of on-site service you can't get anywhere else. Take a peek at our standard malt offerings but don't hesitate to call on us for specialty one-of-a-kind malts for unique projects.

When ordering please keep in mind:

Bulk pricing includes free shipping on orders above 500# for deliveries within Austin City Limits.
Bulk pricing is applied to total order quantity. Bulk volume can be split among different malt varieties.
Minimum order is 50# on regular (non-smoked) malts.
Minimum order of 200# required for smoked malts. Type of wood specified by customer. Many options available.

Custom Contract and Toll Malting are available upon request:

Custom Contract Malt: You specify the finished malt characteristics using a choice of our grains and we malt it to spec.
Toll Malting: You provide us with your regionally grown grain and we malt it to spec.