Our community malthouse offers the first truly local malted grains for the brewing, distilling, and baking industries in Texas. If you want to capture the unique flavor of Texas you have to start with true Texas malt!

Let us be your local expert for custom craft malts and provide a level of on-site service you can't get anywhere else. Take a peek at our standard malt offerings but don't hesitate to call on us for specialty one-of-a-kind malts including gluten-free products and raw grains.

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White Horn™ Texas Pilsner

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Color: 1.5-2.0 SRM
Moisture: 4-5%
Plumps: >98%
Protein: 10-11%
DP: 120+
AA: >50
FG/CG: 83.1/82.4
Conversion Time: 30-35 min
Usage: 0-100%

This malt is produced from slightly under-modified two-rowed barley, attributing to its high extract potential and grassy flavor. It produces a wort with a clean malt backbone, mild sweetness, and earthy grass notes. It is comparable to a European Pilsner malt and its potential is best unlocked with a stepped mash. It makes a great base for any Pilsner, lager, or light colored beer.

Pale Moon™ Texas Pale Ale

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Color: 4.2-4.5 SRM
Moisture: 4-5%
Plumps: >99%
Protein: 11.5%
DP: >110
AA: >55
FG/CG: 82.6/82.1
Conversion Time: 20-25 min
Usage: 0-100%

This pale ale malt is produced from well modified, low-protein two-rowed barley. It produces a clean, malty wort with moderate cereal sweetness, pronounced peanut butter biscuit notes, and a touch of bready earthiness. It is a great enzymatic malt for quick conversion to be used as a base for any recipe, especially suited for IPAs, APAs, and English ales.

Brown Field™ Texas Munich

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Color: 10/20 SRM
Moisture: 3.7/2.7%
Plumps: >94%
Protein: 15.8%
DP: 73
AA: 31.0
FG: 74.2
Usage: 0-80%

This malt is offered both in a light (10 SRM) and dark (20 SRM) version.
This melanoidin-rich Munich malt is produced from Texas grown, high-nitrogen two-rowed barley. It produces a dark amber/red wort with a powerful, clean malt character and prevalent notes of toast, chocolate, caramel and coffee. It is well suited for dark, rich, aromatic full-bodied beers such as ambers, Mӓrzens, bocks, festival beer, and in low quantities to give body, haze stability, color, and fuller flavor in pale beers and lagers.

Burnt Current™ Special

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Color: 70-75 SRM
Moisture: 2.5-3.0%
Plumps: >98%
Protein: 10.4%
S/T: 61.4%
DP: 33
AA: 13
FG/CG: 82.3/83.1
Usage: 0-20%

This highly kilned specialty malt has intense malt flavor with pronounced notes of dark fruits, burnt sugar, raisins, and a hint of chocolate. Bocks, Märzenbiers, porters, stouts, dark belgians, and barleywines can benefit from this malt in significant portions, while dark lagers, brown ales, ambers, or DIPAs can use this in smaller portions for flavor, color enhancement, and body.

Red Winter™ Wheat

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Color: 2.0-2.5 SRM
Moisture: 6-7%
Plumps: >95%
Protein: 12-14%
FG/CG: 76.5/73.5
Conversion Time: 30-35 min
Usage: 5-85%

This lightly kilned Hard Red Winter Wheat malt is often used for head formation and retention or to enhance diastatic activity. It is carefully kilned at low temperatures to ensure maximum survivability of the enzyme package. It produces a pale hazy wort that is surprisingly sweet, malty, with very distinct earthy notes unique to Texas.

This wheat was grown in the Central Texas Blackland Prairies, specifically from the town of Hutto.

Black Coal™ Smoked Series

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We offer any of our base malts smoked with the wood of your choice!
Our malt is cold smoked, to retain full enzyme activity as a base malt, and lock in an incredible pungent smoked character. Many choices of wood and malt are available to create unique combinations.

Wood Characters:
Mesquite: Texas Brisket
Oak: Classic Campfire
Birch: Pine & Resin
Cherry: Sweet & Spicy
Apple: Sweet & Clean