Brown Field™ 10 Texas Munich - 2020 Gold Medal!

Our award-winning Brown Field 10 Texas Munich was perfected over 6 months using a proprietary steaming method in our kiln to produce a high-dried melanoidin-rich Munich-style malt from Texas grown, high-nitrogen two-rowed barley. Rich malt and light toast character. Well suited for rich, aromatic full-bodied beers such as ambers, Mӓrzens, bocks, festival beer, and in low quantities to give body, haze stability, color, and fuller flavor in pale beers and lagers.

Perfect for Browns, Mӓrzens, bocks, and body/color building for Pale Ales!

Color: 10 SRM
Moisture: 4.6%
Protein: 14%
FG: 78%
Usage: 0-100%

White Horn™ Texas Pilsner

White Horn Texas Pilsner is our original Pilsner recipe. Produced from under-modified two-rowed barley it carries a raw grain and grassy flavor. It produces a wort with a clean malt backbone, mild sweetness, and earthy grass notes. It is comparable to a European Pilsner malt and its potential is best unlocked with a stepped mash. It makes a great base for any Pilsner, lager, or light colored beer.

Not recommended for single infusion!

Color: 1.6-1.8 SRM
Moisture: 5.3%
Protein: 11%
DP: 140
AA: 64
FG: 82%
Usage: 0-100%

Silver Star™ Texas 2 Row

Silver Star Texas 2 Row was developed to provide a high-enzyme, low color option for single infusion mashes where use of our under-modified Pilsner malts are not possible. It performs well in any mash (single infusion, stepped, or decoction). It produces a clean, neutral wort with pronounced grain sweetness. It is a great enzymatic malt for quick conversion to be used as a base for any recipe, especially suited for light lagers, pilsners, distillation, adjunct brewing, and pre-prohibition styles.

Perfect for single infusion and distillation!

Color: 1.8-2.0 SRM
Moisture: 4.8%
Protein: 11%
DP: 135
AA: 75
FG: 83%
Usage: 0-100%

Red Winter™ Texas Wheat

This Texas-grown high protein hard red winter wheat malt is often used for head formation and retention or to enhance diastatic activity. It is carefully kilned at low temperatures to ensure maximum survivability of the enzyme package. It produces a pale sweet wort with flavors of cereal (Grape-Nuts) and very distinct earthy notes unique to Texas.

Perfect for Wheat beers and building body!

Color: 2.2-2.4 SRM
Moisture: 5.1%
Protein: 14%
DP: 168
AA: 44
FG: 81%
Usage: 0-80%

Pale Moon™ Texas Pale Ale

The malt that started it all! Pale Moon Texas Pale Ale was developed to provide more depth in flavor and color (due to increased kiln time/temperature) for SMaSH ales yet retain full enzymatic performance for self-conversion. It produces a clear, malty wort with pronounced peanut butter biscuit notes, moderate cereal sweetness, and a touch of bready earthiness. It is a rich enzymatic malt suitable as a base for any style, especially IPAs, APAs, and English ales.

Perfect for IPAs, Pales, and Bitters!

Color: 3.8-4.0 SRM
Moisture: 3.8%
Protein: 10.6%
DP: 90
AA: 65
FG: 82%
Usage: 0-100%

Black Coal™ Smoked Series

We offer all of our malts smoked with the wood of your choice!
Our malt is cold smoked, to retain full enzyme activity as a base malt, and lock in an incredible pungent smoked character. Many choices of wood and malt are available to create unique combinations.

Wood Characters:
Mesquite: Texas Brisket
Oak: Classic Campfire
Birch: Pine & Resin
Cherry: Sweet & Spicy
Apple: Sweet & Clean